How to Keep Your Wedding Dress New?

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How to Keep Your Wedding Dress New?

Right after the wedding, the wedding dress will not be useful anymore unless it will be kept and will be used by the next bride in the family. Other than that the wedding dress is just going to be a history and will be set aside for future use. Now if you want to be more practical aside from keeping the wedding dress another option would be selling it to a wedding dress shop to resell it to someone who wants to save money for a wedding dress. Through this, you are helping another bride-to-be to save money instead of buying a brand new one.

But then if you will be choosing to keep the wedding dress for future purposes, here is how you can keep it good as new:

  1. You need to fold your wedding dress carefully and make sure not to crease it. Make sure to carefully not to crease each part of the dress and continue folding until it can fit to the box.
  2. Another step is to place acid free paper between each fold of your wedding dress. This is to prevent the creasing or of the fabric touching the parts of your dress. Using tissue paper can also prevent the sequins, beads and pearls to get scratches.
  3. Once you have already folded the wedding dress you need to fold it with unbleached muslin. This is before inserting it to the box. Place laces to keep the box intact and store it to at the top of your drawer or closet or underneath your bed.
  4. Remember that storing your wedding dress is great and the best way to do it is to put it in a box. You may need to bring it to cleaners but then you will not feel any uncomfortable feeling when it is being used again.
  5. Once you are ready again with the wedding dress you can get it from where you have stored it. Just be careful in pulling out the dress and careful as well not to roughly take it out from the box.

Aside from the above mentioned tips you can bring the wedding dress first to a professional cleaner to clean it before storing it. And if the time comes that you need to give the wedding dress to another bride-to-be then make sure it will be ahead of time like a week or two so you have time to bring it to the professional cleaner.

Wedding dress has a sentimental value to a woman who worn it on her wedding day, and to keep its value it is important to store it properly. It is better to do the right steps in storing it so someone from your family or friend can still use it in the future. Make sure to clean it before and after storing it so it will be stored freshly and can be used as good as new. To find different wedding dresses options visit the website

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